À GO, on lit!

We had the pleasure and the chance to work on the great project À GO, on lit!
A project for which we put heart and tears for 6 months from the beginning of spring until the end of the year.

This project is important to us, not only because we are part of theinitial team that designed this project from scratch, but above all for its mission. À GO, on lit! is a movement to encourage reading among young people aged 14 to 20 in Quebec and puts forward ambassadors who speak to young people to communicate well to the right target audience.

Check out the new edition of the project below!



Web design

Web integration


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD


We had a pleasure to work with the strategy of La Cursive to review the artistic direction of the project. Here is the moodboard designed for the new edition.


The entire website has been reworked. Going through the graphic design of the different pages, reviewing the interface for the user,
re-visit navigation, etc. 


Who says new edition, says new quiz. A brand new formula has been developed to attract young people. The best way to prove it to you is to try it! That happens here!

Some novelties...

In our field it is important to innovate and stay up to date with trends.

With regard to À GO, on lit!, it is important to analyze the strong points and the points to be worked on from previous editions so that we can improve. Following meetings, the entire AGOL team arrived with some new features for the 4th edition.


A “Discoveries” page has been added as a new starting point for young people who come across the website and don’t know where to start.

Instagram filters

Instagram filters have been designed to promote the movement on social networks.

There is an interactive quiz, tablets and stickers. Enough choices for everyone!


A new podcast, hosted by Kevin Raphael, to discuss firsts. An original way to encourage young people to read!

2021 Ambassadors

Kevin Raphael

Ludivine Reding


Valérie Chevalier

Much more than another mandate...

This campaign represents a great deal of learning, unforgettable months of creation and personal achievements of each member of our creative family.  We are incredibly grateful for the trust our customers have at PREL.

We feel extremely lucky to be part of the great AGOL family.

Do us (and you) a favor and check out the website right here.

If you know young people aged 14 to 20 who “find it boring” to read and who don’t really know where to start, share the website with them, they will undoubtedly find something to read that will interest them! 

Good reading <3

An initiative of PREL
Branding, web, artistic direction by Bras Gauche
Content by La Cursive
ideos by Alkalime
Digital Marketing by Glo